Americas Working Group

Co -Chair: Nestor Rojas, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia
Co -Chair: Laura Dawidowski, CNEA, Argentina

Working Group Members

Nestor Rojas (Co-chair), Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia
Laura Dawidowski (Co-chair), CNEA, Argentina
Carlos Rudamas, Universidad de El Salvador, El Salvador
Juan Carlos Antuña, Instituto de Meteorología, Cuba
Maria de Fatima Andrade, Univeridade de São Paulo, Brazil
Megan Melamed, University of Colorado, USA
Michel Grutter, UNAM, Mexico
Marcos Andrade, Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, Bolivia
Nicolas Huneeus, Universidad de Chile, Chile
Olga Mayol-Bracero, Universidad de Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico

Under the guiding principle of providing equal opportunity for all scientists in the Americas, the IGAC Americas Working Group aims to build a cohesive network and foster the next generation of atmospheric scientists with the ultimate goal of contributing to development of a scientific community focused on building collective knowledge in/for the Americas. There is a priority on bringing together scientists from across the entirety of the Americas. To this end, the Americas Working Group seeks to:


  • Improve the collaboration and communication between scientists in Latin America;
  • Connect the Latin America community to the international community;
  • Train and foster the next generation of scientists;
  • Influence and promote a more proportionate distribution of funds for research
  • Enhance visibility and credibility of scientists in Latin America

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Upcoming Events
IGAC Americas Working Group Meeting
30-31 March 2017
Santiago, Chile

2018 School of Atmospheric Measurements in Latin America and the Caribbean (SEMLAC)
Joint with the 2018 CAHN Meeting
8-15 January 2018
Camaguey, Cuba

Recent Events
GEIA Americas Working Group Meeting
27-29 March 2017
Santiago, Chile

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Applications to Atmospheric Chemistry
7-11 December 2015
Mexico City, Mexico
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20-22 August 2014
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IGAC Americas Working Group: Setting the Foundation
28-30 January 2013
National University of Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia
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