Global Emissions Initiative (GEIA)

Jointly sponsored by iLEAPS, AIMES

Gregory Frost, CU/CIRES and NOAA/ESRL, Boulder, CO, USA
Leonor Tarrason, NILU, Norway

Steering Committee

    Beatriz Cardenas, INE, Mexico
    Hugo Denier van der Gon, TNO, The Netherlands
    Claire Granier, CNRS and UPMC, France
    Alex Guenther, NCAR, USA
    Greet Janssens-Maenhout, JRC, Italy
    Johannes Kaiser, ECMWF, UK
    Terry Keating, EPA, USA
    Zbigniew Klimont, IIASA, Austria
    Jean-Francois Lamarque, NCAR, USA
    Catherine Liousse, Laboratoire d’Aérologie, France
    Paulette Middleton, Panorama Pathways, USA
    Slobodan Nickovic, WMO, Switzerland
    Martin Schultz, FZ Jülich, Germany
    Ute Skiba, CEH, UK
    John van Aardenne, EEA, Denmark
    Yuxuan Wang, Tsinghua University, China

Quantification of chemical emissions into the air is a key step in explaining observed variability and trends in atmospheric composition and in attributing these observed changes to their causes on local to global scales. Accurate emissions data are necessary to identify feasible controls that reduce adverse impacts associated with air quality and climate, to track the success of implemented policies, and to estimate future impacts. GEIA is a community effort that builds bridges between environmental science and policy, by bringing together people, data, and tools to create and communicate the highest quality information about emissions. GEIA seeks to enhance access to emissions data, facilitate analysis to improve the scientific basis for emissions information, and strengthen the emissions community. For more information visit the GEIA Website.

Upcoming Events
18th GEIA Conference
13-15 September 2017
Hamburg, Germany

Recent Events
17th GEIA Conference
18-20 November 2015
Beijing, China
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Bridging Emissions Science and Policy
10-11 June 2014
Boulder, CO, USA
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Development of a Community Historical Emission Inventory
20-21 November 2013
Hamburg, Germany
IGACnews Workshop Summary

Emissions to Address Science and Policy Needs
11-13 June 2012
Toulouse, France
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