IGAC Early Career Fund

The International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) Project was founded in 1990 to foster an international community of scientists researching topics related to atmospheric chemistry (air quality, chemical weather, climate change, carbon and nitrogen cycles, impacts on health and ecosystems, etc.) that actively collaborates across geographical boundaries and disciplines to contribute to addressing the most pressing global change and sustainability issues through scientific research.

A key component to the success of IGAC is fostering the next generation of scientist through IGAC’s Early Career Program, which includes a variety of activities including short courses, travel support to IGAC workshops, and an early career program at the biennial IGAC Science Conferences. These scientists join an international network early in their career, creating connections that facilitate atmospheric chemistry research at an international level for years to come.

Donation to the IGAC Early Career Fund will be used to support the IGAC Early Career Program.

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