IGAC Event Abstract Submission System

IGAC is pleased to announce the launch of the Event Abstract Submission System (IGAC EASS). This system aims to make submitting abstracts to IGAC Events a more friendly and seamless process. In order to submit abstracts to IGAC Events, you will first have to create a profile in the system. When you create a profile you can also choose to sign up for IGAC Activity and IGAC Working Group email lists.

In the near future, as part of EASS, IGAC will also give you the option to enter more information regarding your research interests and select to allow other IGAC community members that are part of EASS to search your profile to help facilitate collaborations.

We hope you enjoy using IGAC EASS!


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Please note: The information your provide on IGAC EASS will only be used for IGAC purposes.