Air Pollution in the Arctic: Climate, Environment and Societies (PACES)

PACES is an emerging IGAC Activity that is being developed to develop collaborative research at the international level on Arctic air pollution. Arctic air pollution includes gases and particles that are sourced locally (from gas flaring or home heating, for example), as well as those that are transported to the Arctic over thousands of kilometers from sources in the mid-latitudes. At the Arctic surface, pollution concentrations reach a maximum in early spring - a phenomenon known as "Arctic haze". The effects of Arctic air pollution are manifold and substantial. Air pollutants in the Arctic can harm sensitive land and ocean ecosystems, as well as the health of local populations, and pollutants such as ozone and aerosol particles (especially black carbon, or soot), can modify the Earth's energy balance and enhance climate change in the Arctic. PACES aims to tackle key gaps in our knowledge on air pollution in the Arctic, including poor observational constraints and deficiencies in model representation of key chemical and physical processes. PACES will create new collaborative efforts between observational and modeling groups, social science researchers and local Arctic communities to address these issues.

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PACES was recently highlighted in an article entitled "On the thawing tundra, researchers race to understand black carbon's climate impact". 

Upcoming Events

ALaskan Pollution And Chemical Analysis (ALPACA) Planning Workshop
IGAC Sponsored
Fairbanks, AK, USA
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Recent Events

Second PACES Workshop
IGAC Sponsored
Victoria, B.C., Canasa
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PACES Arctic Pollution and Societies Workshop to be held at Arctic Summit Science Week (ASSW)
IGAC Endorsed Event
Prague, Czech Republic
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IASC/IGAC PACES Workshop on Arctic Air Pollution
IGAC Sponsored
Fairbanks, Alaska (during ASSW)
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PACES Arctic Air Pollution Workshop
IGAC Sponsored
Helsinki, Finland
IGACnews Workshop Summary
Arctic Air Pollution Workshop: Advancing Understanding in the Next Decade
IGAC Sponsored
Boulder, CO, USA
IGACnews Workshop Summary


Arctic air pollution: Challenges and opportunities for the next decade. (2016). Arnold S, Law K, Brock C, Thomas J, Starkweather S, et al.Elementa Science for the Anthropocene, doi: 10.12952/journal.elementa.000104.