Third ACAM Workshop

Following successful workshops in 2013 (Kathmandu) and 2015 (Bangkok), ACAM is a fully recognized international activity jointly sponsored by SPARC and IGAC. The third biennial workshop is an important step in maturing the activity to have a sustained impact on the atmospheric composition community. The 2nd ACAM training school will follow on the campus of Jinan University, Guangzhou.

Information on specific session themes, abstract submission and registration, as well as logistic information will be posted on this site soon. Please save the dates if you are interested in participating and share this link with colleagues who may be interested.

The scientific scope of the workshop follows the four scientific themes of ACAM, each representing a key aspect of the connection between atmospheric composition and Asian monsoon dynamics:

  1. Emissions and air quality in the Asian monsoon region – This theme spans all seasons, recognizing issues ranging from summertime photochemical smog to winter pollution episodes.
  2. Aerosols, clouds, and their interactions with the Asian monsoon – This theme recognizes the dominant impact of aerosols on this region and the continuing exploration of evidence for feedbacks influencing the monsoon climate system.
  3. Impact of monsoon convection on chemistry – This theme focuses on the vertical redistribution of anthropogenic and natural emissions, expanding global the impact of Asian emissions on atmospheric chemistry.
  4. UTLS Response to the Asian Monsoon – This theme emphasizes the intersection between Asian emissions and the monsoon anticyclone circulation as a conduit for increased anthropogenic influence on the UTLS environment.