2020 IGAC Early Career Short Course

**Please note: Details on applying to the short course and IGAC's new policy regarding travel grants will be posted the week of 20 January 2020. An announcement will be sent to the IGAC community when the application for the short course is open.***

Since 2016, IGAC has hosted an Early Career Short Course, which is an intensive three-day course, prior to the IGAC Science Conference. The Short Course brings together some of the most promising early career atmospheric scientists from across the globe in order to cultivate and educate the next generation of leading atmospheric scientists. The Short Course aims to build on the strong scientific education and research early career scientists receive during their Ph.D.s and post-docs by introducing complex ideas, concepts, and skills that will allow these early career scientist to become successful established scientist and contribute to the international community and to a sustainable planet.

The 2020 IGAC Early Career Short Course will take place the three days prior (11-13 September 2020) to the 16th IGAC Science Conference in Manchester, UK.  A select group of 40 future leaders in atmospheric chemistry will attend the early career short course. The scope and design of the short course will be determined by the an organizing committee.

Information on the application process and deadlines will be available early 2020.

Information on prior short courses:

Organizing Committee

Emily Matthews Emily Matthews (Co-Chair)
University of Manchester, UK
Tomas Bolaño Ortiz Tomas Bolaño Ortíz (Co-Chair)
National Technological University , Argentina (Colombian)
Nor Hafizah Baharudin Nor Hafizah Baharudin
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia
Sourangsu Chowdhury Sourangsu Chowdhury
Max Planck Institute for Chemistry - Mainz, Germany (Indian)
Olivia Clifton Olivia Clifton
Archit Mehra Archit Mehra
University of Manchester, UK
Didier Ntwali Didier Ntwali
Institute of Atmospheric Physcics, China (Rwandan)
Xiang Peng Xiang Peng
Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, China