Japan National Committee

Together with the international launch of the IGAC project, the atmospheric chemistry community in Japan was first organized in 1989. Since then, Japanese scientists have been continuously playing an important role in the development of atmospheric chemistry research, in particular, in Asia, and in the implementation of the agenda of IGAC.

Under the Science Council of Japan (SCJ), the IGAC-Japan National Committee is overseeing IGAC-related activities in Japan, with specific goals to:

  • Oversee plans and progress of IGAC-oriented science projects and capacity building activities in Japan;
  • Enhance connection of Japanese scientists-led projects with IGAC;
  • Encourage participation of Japanese scientists in IGAC activities;
  • Provide support for fund-raising to research plans proposed by Japanese scientists; and
  • Promote collaboration between IGAC-Japan scientists and other IGBP-Japan or WCRP-Japan communities (w/ SOLAS, iLEAPS, SPARC, etc.).

Activities Supported by the IGAC Japan National Committee

  • ISS Earth Observatory Initiative (proposal), 2012 --
  • New Research Aircraft for Atmospheric Science (proposal submitted to SCJ), 2012 --
  • Collaboration with KORUS-AQ, 2015 --

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Recent Events

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Tokyo, Japan
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Tanimoto, H. et al., “Present and Future of Global Atmospheric Chemistry Research in Japan” as a review article in the Special Issue “25-yr summary of IGBP-Japan activities” in Chikyukankyo, in press.