Fundamental of Atmospheric Chemistry

Fundamental atmospheric chemistry research provides essential data used in all practical (laboratory, field measurements, remote sensing) and theoretical (climate modeling, pollution modeling, cloud microphysics) aspects of scientific endeavor. These studies encompass a diverse range of areas including gas-phase kinetics, heterogeneous chemistry, chamber studies, photochemistry, spectroscopic and thermodynamic chemical data, and meteorology that together, with the attendant measurement techniques, deliver the data and the constant evolution required to work in the atmospherically relevant physical and chemical regimes. The evolution of atmospheric chemistry research has resulted in more emphasis on field research and modeling than on fundamental research typically done in the laboratory. Therefore, laboratory studies for atmospheric chemistry stand at a crossroads. In many respects they are decreasing due to shifts in funding towards large field campaigns. Many of the pioneers and innovators of the last great paradigm shift have begun to retire and there is a risk of a shrinking community, yet the need remains the same if not more in light of challenges such as climate change, climate manipulation, and pollution-related health impacts. In response, IGAC's initiative on Fundamentals of Atmospheric Chemistry stresses the importance of continued fundamental research in atmospheric chemistry and explores innovative ways fundamental research can be sustained and possibly move from the laboratory bench to, for example, a component of field research.

Recent Workshops
International Workshop on Heterogeneous Kinetics Related to Atmospheric Aerosols
IGAC Endorsed: Fundamentals of Atmospheric Chemistry, Japan National Committee, China Working Group
9-10 August 2015
Beijing, China
IGACnews Workshop Summary

Southeast Atmosphere Studies Workshop: Intensive Observation Period Modeling to Improve Mechanistic Representation Trends
IGAC Endorsed: Fundamentals of Atmospheric Chemistry
8-10 June 2015
Princeton, NJ, USA
IGACnews Workshop Summary

The Future of Laboratory Studies in Atmospheric Chemistry Workshop (Invite Only)
IGAC Sponosred: Fundamentals of Atmospheric Chemistry
17-19 June 2015
IGACnews Workshop Summary

Nitrate Radicals and Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
IGAC Sponsored: Fundamentals of Atmospheric Chemistry
22-24 June 2015
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA
IGACnews Workshop Summary

Assessment of Local HOx and ROx Measurement Techniques Achievements, Challenges and Future Directions
IGAC Endorsed: Fundamentals of Atmospheric Chemistry
23-25 March 2015
Juelich, Germany
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Atmospheric Chemical Mechanisms Conference
IGAC Endorsed: Fundamentals of Atmospheric Chemistry
10 - 12 December 2014
Davis, CA, USA
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OH Reactivity Specialists Uniting Meeting (ORSUM)
IGAC Endorsed: Fundamentals of Atmospheric Chemistry
13 - 15 October 2014
Mainz, Germany
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Related Publications

New Directions: Fundamentals of atmospheric chemistry: Keeping a three-legged stool balanced(2013) Eds. J. Abbatt, C. George, M. Melamed, P. Monks, S. Pandis, and Y. Rudich. Atmos. Env.