IGAC's biennial Open Science Conferences are the primary mechanism for dissemination of scientific information across our community. The conference is held jointly with iCACGP quadrennially. A special effort is made to engage early career scientists and scientists from emerging countries. Since 2004 the IGAC Early Career Program has been an integral part of the conference.
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Atmospheric Chemistry from a Distance: Real Progress through Virtual Interaction


Held Virtually Globally


Abstract + Registration Closed as of 9/2/2021. 

See Early Career Research Program Schedule here! (week of 9/6/2021)

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ALL abstracts submitted will have a poster presentation. Please see below for all information about the poster sessions!

**Find your poster session here! (updated 8/28/2021) Search for your poster with the presenting author name, your submission number, or your title. In the last column, you will find your poster code. The number on your poster code will be how people will find your poster in the space, and the letter (A, B, or C) at the end of your poster code denotes during which time you should stand by your poster.  If you have trouble with this form, or cannot find your abstract, please email 

**Upload your poster here by September 12th, 2021 

Please name your poster SubmissionNumber_LastName
Posters can be uploaded in .png, .jpg, or pdf form.
For .png and .jpg formatted posters, posters must be at least 1000px for the width, 600px for the height, and a maximum of 3MB in size.  At least 72 DPI is recommended, although this is not mandatory. All images will be enlarged to fill inside of the iframe, so exact dimensions and proportions are not required.  Transparent backgrounds will be filled with a black background.

For .pdf files, the maximum file size is 25MB. 

Once uploaded via the webform above, IGAC will place your poster in the appropriate grouping and notify you of where and when your poster will be.

Posters will be hosted on An interactive message board will be located next to each poster so presenters can indicate times when they will be at their poster (if outside of their scheduled poster session), and off-line messages and questions may be left for each presenter. 

Poster presentation schedule
Monday September 13
14-15 UTC: A posters
15-16 UTC: B posters
16-17 UTC: C posters
Tuesday September 14
14-15 UTC A posters
Wednesday September 15 
14-15 UTC B posters
Thursday September 16
16-17 UTC C posters
Friday September 17
9-10 UTC A posters
10-11 UTC B posters
11-12 UTC C posters



14th iCACGP Quadrennial Symposium & 15th IGAC Science Conference


Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan

Atmospheric Chemistry: From molecules to global impacts

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2016 Breckenridge Logo

14th IGAC Science Conference


Breckenridge, CO, USA

One Atmosphere: Building Collective Knowledge.

Conference Program Conference Abstracts Conference Website, IGACnews Conference Summary
2014 Natal, Brazil

13th iCACGP Quadrennial Symposium & 13th IGAC Science Conference


Natal, Brazil

Changing Chemistry in a Changing World.

Scientific Program Conference Website, IGACnews Conference Summary