IGAC2021 Side Meetings and Related Events



Sept 14, 2021 08:00-10:00 UTC

Upcoming investigations into the Southern Ocean and Antactica

Short Description: There is great scientific interest in the atmospheric processes in the Southern Ocean and Antarctic region, and their complex biogeochemical and climate linkages. This interest has been translated to plans for several measurement programs and research voyages from numerous countries around the globe. The meeting is a space for the PIs from the various voyages to come together to share and as much as possible, coordinate plans in an effort to maximise the scientific output from the various disparate endeavours. It is encouraged that both observers and modellers attend so that close collaborations can be established early so that we might accelerate and magnify the scientific output. This effort is supported by both CATCH and the Southern Hemisphere Working Group.

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September 15 4:00-6:00 UTC

MANGO Side Meeting

Agenda of Meeting:

(0) Welcome and Introduction - review and new members (Hiroshi, Manish, Liya)
(1) New APN grant (Mohd Talib Latif)
(2) South Asian air quality observation needs paper (Fahim Khokhar)
(3) ASIA-AQ study plans (Jim Crawford)
(4) Hi-ASAP updates (SC Candice Lung)
(5) Handbook on Air Quality and Climate Change (Hiroshi Tanimoto)
(6) Green MANGOs discussion on "how to involve new young people in the IGAC MANGO activities" (Abdus Salam)
(7) AOB

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Sept 15 9:00-10:00 UTC and Sept 16 18:00-19:00 UTC

TOAR-II Ozone over the Oceans Working Group

Short Description of Meeting:
Meeting of the TOAR-II Ozone over the Oceans Focus Working Group. The meeting will discuss the scientific objectives of the working group, the progress made, and the work to do.

Time: Sep 15, 2021 09:00 AM Universal Time UTC
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Time: Sep 16, 2021 06:00 PM Universal Time UTC
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Sept 16, 2021 19:00-21:00 UTC

Americas Working Group Side Meeting

Short Description of Meeting: Discuss work in atmospheric chemistry in the Americas and connect with the Americas working group. 

1. AWG introduction (Olga Mayol-Bracero)
2. Capacity-building activities (Olga Mayol-Bracero)
3. Early career activities (Julián Gelman, Andrea Orfanoz)
4. Future activities - Regional working groups by subject (Néstor Rojas, Laura Dawidowski)

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Sept 17, 2021 00:01-2:00 UTC

Models, In Situ, and Remote Sensing of Aerosols (MIRA) 

Short Description of the Meeting:

There is a natural partitioning of scientific interest amongst three specialties of aerosol research: modeling, in situ measurements, and remote sensing. The community sees enhanced measurement capabilities when these groups interact, and this strengthens the overall scientific impact on climate and air quality. This meeting establishes a forum for identifying collaborations and improving discussions amongst specialties and across regional boundaries. 

 One area of keen interest is uniting satellite and ground-based lidar groups with other aerosol disciplines.  Elastic-backscatter lidars depend upon a priori knowledge of aerosol properties to convert measured lidar profiles into aerosol extinction profiles.  Acquiring new insight on aerosol properties and transport is highly valuable to these lidar groups to improve the data quality and aid in their scientific interpretation.  This first meeting will emphasize discussion on how a collaborative aerosol working group will be organized on this topic. 

We invite aerosol scientists from all disciplines to join us.

To be hosted in the side meeting rooms of gather.town


Sept 17, 2021 16:00-18:00 UTC

CATCH Working Group Side Meeting

A CATCH side meeting will be hosted on Zoom with an emphasis on community-building and networking on Friday, September 17th from 16:00-18:00 UTC. For those who wish to participate in this side meeting, please upload a brief introduction slide about your science here. Please send any questions about the side meeting to:  Jennie ThomasKatye Altieri, or Louis Marelle.


Sept 20, 2021 11:00-13:00 UTC

Southern Hemispheres Working Group Side Meeting

Short Description of Meeting: Learn more about the Southern Hemispheres Working Group and how to connect and collaborate. 

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Sept 22, 2021 14:00-16:00 UTC

Time to reignite an IGAC activity on biomass burning? – open discussion

Short Description of Meeting: Is there a need for an IGAC-sponsored activity surrounding biomass burning? What other international collaborative structures exist that the IGAC community can tap into? 

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Sep 24, 2021 13:00-15:00 UTC

NUNATAK Laboratories Discussion

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Short Description of Meeting: The Centre for Environmental Technologies (CETAM-USM) has two Refuge Laboratories in the Chilean Central Andes mountain (CCA), namely, NUNATAK-1 on 3,000 masl (-32.844, -70.129), and NUNATAK-2 on 2,500 masl (-33.665, -70.086), in which the impact of environmental pollution is studied through the atmosphere-cryosphere interaction on this mountain. For this purpose, we have installed these NUNATAKS that are mobile, autonomous, and collaborative for the study of pollution in the glaciers of the CCA. The NUNATAKS is also a secure platform for Chilean and international researchers to place their equipment to measure and study the atmosphere and cryosphere of the CCA. NUNATAKS is equipped with several equipment for continuous monitoring of air quality (BC, PM1, PM2.5, PM10, Radon, CO, NO, NO2, O3, H2S,
SO2, NH3, VOCs, NMHC, etc.), broadband albedo, solar radiation, and meteorology. In addition, the NUNATAKS work as platforms to support snow samples collection, and they have space to accommodate several people during scientific campaigns. Therefore, through this meeting, we hope to publicize its existence, discuss possible collaboration, and installation of measurement equipment for international atmospheric chemistry teams.