UK Conference on Environmental Data Science

The idea for CEDS follows on from a succession of workshops and discussions among a collection of research groups. The purpose of the conference is to bring together the growing UK EDS community, bridging the academic/government/industry interfaces, to share technological developments and current challenges, and catalyse further research and development.

The conference will consist of a small number of plenary speakers, some “get your hands dirty” challenge sessions, and pico-talks paired with posters. The first day of the conference (4-5th July) will be designed for, and by, early career researchers, to facilitate their entry into the community.

We will arrange events around four themes:

  • EDS infrastructure (including statistical and computing techniques);
  • Net zero (how data science is supporting attempts to get to net zero);
  • Extremes (methods of measuring, modelling and evaluating extreme situations);
  • Resilience (how we build and evaluate systems that are resilient to the changes we face).

However we are keen to include all EDS researchers who are keen to attend, and these themes will be extremely broadly interpreted.