FAQ Page

Frequently Asked Questions regarding postponing the 16th IGAC Science Conference to 12-16 September 2021.

We know many of you will have questions regarding the implications for postponing the 16th IGAC Science Conference until 12-16 September 2021. This page seeks to answer these questions to the best of are ability. If you cannot find an answer to your question here, please email it to info@igacproject.org. We will do our best to address the question and post an answer here.

1. Is the IGAC Early Career Short Course also postponed?

Yes, the 2020 IGAC Early Career Short Course (ECSC) will also be postponed and will take place 9-11 September 2021 in Manchester, UK. At this time IGAC is assessing how it will move forward regarding the review of the applications it has received thus far, whether more applications will be accepted at a later date, how the definition of an early career scientists may change, etc. Please watch for further announcements regarding the ECSC later this spring/summer.

2. Will abstract submissions reopen?

The abstract submission system will be reopened in order to allow for the current abstracts that have been submitted to be edited or withdrawn and to allow for those of you that did not submit an abstract to submit one. The SPC is assessing the timeline for when the abstract submission system will reopen and what the new deadlines will be for submitting an abstract. The description of the scientific program may also be slightly modified in order to include some of the research that will likely result due to the pandemic. Please watch for further announcements regarding abstract submissions and updates to the scientific program later this spring/summer.

3. Will the 2022 International Atmospehric Chemistry Conference (jointly sponsored by the 15th iCACGP Quadrennial Symposium and 17th IGAC Science Conference) still take place?

IGAC and our partner organization, the international Commission on Atmospheric Chemistry and  Global Pollution (iCACGP), have been in close contact and work together on how best to serve the international atmospheric chemistry community. IGAC and iCACGP have discussed the implications of moving the 16th IGAC Science Conference to 2021 and what it means for the 2022 International Atmospheric Chemistry Conference (jointly sponsored by the 15th Quadrennial iCACGP Symposium and the 17th IGAC Science Conference). iCACGP and IGAC have decided to move the joint conference to 2023 and subsequent IGAC Science Conferences and iCACGP Quadrennial Symposia will occur on odd years. Therefore, iCACGP and IGAC will be soliciting bids to host the 2023 International Atmospheric Chemistry Conference. The new deadline for bid solicitations is 26 February 2021. An updated bid announcement will be posted on igacproject.org.