the Cryosphere and Atmospheric Chemistry (CATCH)

Emerging IGAC Activity on Chemistry, Biology and Physics in Cold Regions

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The CATCH mission is to facilitate atmospheric chemistry research within the international community, with a focus on natural processes specific to cold regions of the Earth. Cold regions include areas which are seasonally or permanently covered by snow and ice, from the high mountains to the polar ice sheets and sea ice zones as well as regions where ice clouds that undergo chemistry are found.

CATCH scientists will aim to understand and predict:

  • How aerosols are formed and processed in cold regions;
  • How cold region aerosols act as and impact cloud properties;
  • Feedbacks between climate change and atmospheric chemistry that are determined by changes in the cryosphere;
  • How the ice core record can be used to understand global environmental change;
  • How physical, chemical, biological, and ecological changes in sea ice and snow impact atmospheric chemistry;
  • How microbiology adapts and impacts biogeochemical cycling of elements in ecosystems of cold environments; and
  • Establish background composition (trace gases and aerosols) in cold regions that are undergoing industrialization as well as impacted by climate change.

Results of the Community Survey
Please see this presentation by Markus Frey to see the results of the community survey.

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Past Events

CATCH Open Science Workshop

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CATCH IGAC2021 Conference Session

2021 16th IGAC Science Conference
IGAC Sponsored
Held Virtually Globally
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Monthly CATCH Seminar Series

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2019 CATCH Open Science Workshop
IGAC Sponsored
University of California - Berkeley, USA
CATCH Website
ALaskan Pollution And Chemical Analysis (ALPACA) Planning Workshop
IGAC Sponsored
Fairbanks, AK, USA
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Community Workshop on the Development of CATCH
IGAC Sponsored
Guyancourt, France
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