Allin-Wayra: Small sensors for atmospheric science

The Community Scoping Workshop Summary

We hosted a Community Scoping Workshop on March 26, 2024 (8:30-11:00 UTC or 14:30-17:00 UTC) to get input from the community on what Allin Wayra should be doing in the coming years. It was also an opportunity for participants to network with colleagues also working with or interested in small sensors. A summary of the workshop can be found here. Thank you to everyone who participated!!


What is Allin Wayra?

Allin-Wayra, which can be interpreted as “good air” or “winds of change” in Quechua (Runasimi, or "people's language") a pre-colonial South American native tongue, is the new IGAC Activity on small sensors. 

Motivation (Why do we want to do it?)

After consulting with small sensor users in the atmospheric science community, it has become clear that there are many researchers and research groups using small sensors. We would like to connect the dots with some of the current activities on small sensors and more deeply engage researchers in atmospheric science. 

Mission (What do we do?)

Our mission is to foster a diverse and inclusive global small sensor community of practice - with a particular focus on regions lacking air quality measurements -  and advance knowledge of sensor use for air quality and atmospheric science through collaborative initiatives that address critical issues, build capacity, and promote accessibility.

Vision (Where are we going?)

Our vision is a world where small sensor technology is accessible and widely used in a transparent and equitable manner, contributing to an improved understanding of air quality and atmospheric science to foster planetary health and strive for environmental justice.

Preliminary Objectives*:

*These objectives are suggestions and we would like to shape and expand on these preliminary objectives with your input.

  1. Publish an initial commentary paper to raise awareness about the importance of small sensor technology in research, with a specific focus highlighting the challenges and opportunities related to air pollution and environmental justice in Global South countries.
  2. Engage the community through an inclusive workshop, ensuring that different perspectives and voices are represented in shaping the scope, direction, and goals of Allin Wayra.
  3. Identify and/or adapt a collaborative, user-based, open-access, repository on small sensor resources to promote transparency, accessibility, and collaboration among researchers and practitioners, while addressing the need for equity in the distribution of resources and knowledge.
  4. After 4-5 years of Allin Wayra, write a community-authored article to share the collective knowledge, experiences, and insights gained through Allin Wayra's collaborative efforts (further topic/specific focus to be determined) for air quality and atmospheric science in regions where measurements are lacking.

Get involved!

We are looking to engage a broad, diverse community that is truly global. Please sign up for our mailing list if you are interested. 

We welcome your input in developing these plans! Contact us at to contribute your ideas. 

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