Analysis of eMIssions usinG Observations (AMIGO)

The goals of the new AMIGO (Analysis of eMIssions usinG Observations) project of IGAC is to organize the international scientific community around a synthesis of research using observations-based analysis techniques that aim to better quantify emissions. The synthesis will consider chemically active compounds and greenhouse gases and will evaluate the consistency of their inferred emissions. AMIGO will assess the ability of different analysis techniques to provide consistent quantification of the emissions of multiple species across a range of spatial and temporal scales. Criteria to establish the accuracy of emissions data and their uncertainties will also be defined.

The AMIGO project just started and welcomes new participants and ideas. You are invited to contact  the AMIGO co-chairs, Claire Granier (, Ave Arellano ( and Jenny Stavrakou (

For more information about AMIGO, visit the AMIGO website.

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