Global Tropospheric Ozone Network (GLONET), 1996 - 2003 or earlier

  • GLONET was designed in 1996 to improve the quality of O3 profile measurements, and implant new stations in geographic regions critical for achieving global coverage. Also, through its sub-project International Tropospheric Ozone Years (ITOY), it began the establishment of a global database for validation of chemistry and transport models. The focus was directed towards expanding ozonesonde stations in tropical and subtropical areas. It conducted inflight intercomparison of ozone-sondes and airborne UV-photometers with the Jülich Ozone Intercomparison Experiment (JOSIE). This experiment assessed the performance of the different types of ozone sondes used in GLONET and within the World Meteorological Organizations (WMO) Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW).