Atmospheric Tomography Mission (ATom) Science Team Meeting

Dear Colleagues,

The Atmospheric Tomography Mission (ATom) Science Team Meeting will be held Nov. 18-20, 2019, NCAR Center Green Campus, Boulder, CO. All registered guests± are cordially invited to attend. Abstracts for presentations or posters are welcome and encouraged.

Go to to register for the meeting. Due to limited space at Center Green registration for the meeting is mandatory. While registration slots will be prioritized for current ATom team members others outside the current ATom team, who submit 2-3 sentence ATom related abstracts with their registrations, will be considered for those available remaining slots. The ATom Science Leadership will review and accept these abstracts from outside the ATom Science Team for presentation in the order they come in until the attendance limit is met.

ATom is a NASA Earth Venture – Suborbital mission that was designed to study the impact of human-produced air pollution on greenhouse gases and on chemically reactive gases in the atmosphere. Four deployments (Aug. 2016, Feb. 2017, Oct. 2017, May 2018), to cover seasonal variation, were conducted using the NASA DC-8 aircraft. The measurements spanned the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans from the Arctic to the Antarctic, sampling the troposphere from the boundary layer up to 12 km. Over 300 species were measured from more than 20 instruments aboard the DC-8 (see


Steven Wofsy (ATom PI) and the ATom Science Leadership Team