International Conference on Air Quality in Africa ICAQ’Africa 2022

The event will be covered by various topics that will allow the participants to explore the diversity involved in understanding air quality and pollution in Africa. These topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Sources and characterization of air pollutants
  • Sensors and air quality measurement
  • Building and mine ventilation
  • Data, modelling and forecasting
  • Air pollution and health effects
  • Socio-Economic impact of air pollution
  • Policy, legislation and regulation
  • Environmental protection technologies
  • Research, collaboration and innovation
  • Education and public awareness
  • Environmental impact assessment and justice
  • Adaptation and mitigation strategies

To submit an abstract you first need to create an account on-line on indico, which is our conference management system. The submission form is then available under “Submission”. The extended abstract (plain text) should be four (4) pages in length. Authors’ contact details (full address and email of all the contributing authors) and affiliations must be entered in the dedicated fields of the submission form. The deadline to upload the abstract is June 30, 2022.
The abstract must properly address the following points:

  • Introduction: background and motivation with references to similar/previous works
  • Research question: description of working hypotheses for non-specialized audience
  • Methodology: description of the methods, experimental setup and procedure
  • Results and discussion: analysis of findings supported figures, tables and relevent references
  • Conclusions/implications: (expected) impact and value of the work for the scientific community.

IMPORTANT: Abstracts not meeting these requirements will not be accepted.
Please kindly submit your abstract here: