Aderiana Mbandi

Dr Aderiana Mbandi is a chemical engineer with 16 years of experience in manufacturing, hazardous chemicals and waste, climate change, mobility and air pollution. She supervises and teaches at the South Eastern Kenya University, as well as working for UNEP, African Governments and sits on various scientific advisory groups including the African Group of Atmospheric Sciences (ANGA). She also works with the UN high Level Climate Champions on Open Waste Burning in Africa. Aderiana is an alumnus of the Faculty for the Future fellowship by the Schlumberger Foundation for women in Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM). She received her PhD from University York, UK where her research sought to support evidence-based air quality management policy by assessing the impact of transport emissions on human health and the environment with a focus on African cities. Aderiana is also a co-founder of AfriSTEM Connection, a company working to increase STEM and sustainability awareness using emerging technologies in underserved communities in Africa.