Karn Vohra

Karn Vohra is a postdoctoral research fellow at University College London (UCL) focusing on the health effects of exposure to air pollution from the oil and gas lifecycle in the US. Karn obtained his PhD in Environmental Health and Risk Management from the University of Birmingham in 2021, funded by the University’s Global Challenges Studentship. Motivated by the current air pollution scenario in India, he made extensive use of multiple data sources and tools (ground-based and satellite observations of atmospheric composition, emission inventories, a chemical transport model and health risk assessment models) to determine long-term changes in air quality and the impacts on human health at multiple scales, from cities, to regions, to the globe.


Karn completed his Bachelors and Masters in Civil Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India in 2015. Prior to moving to the UK, he worked with McKinsey and Company as a data analyst for 2 years.