Laura E. Dawidowski

Laura Dawidowski is currently an Associate Professor in Atmospheric Pollution at the Environmental Research and Engineering Institute of the National San Martín University, Argentina, and Principal Researcher at the Environmental Chemistry Department of National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA) where she developed, since 1994, most of her scientific career. Laura’s research activities are aimed to characterize the role of the different sources on climate and air quality deterioration, with special interest in urban pollution and the link between technologies and emissions for air pollutants and greenhouse gases. She has been involved in several airborne field studies, and currently leads a Latin American team under an International Atomic Energy Agency project, focus on the identification of main local and regional aerosol sources in 14 main cities of the region. It comprises an extended aerosol field campaign and the application of receptor-oriented models using physical and chemical aerosol data from surface and satellite measurements. She also works on the estimation of actual, past and prospective emissions of greenhouse gases and air toxic pollutants and, in line with these activities, collaborates with the IPCC in the adoption of emission factors and in the development of guidelines to develop emission inventories.