Martin Otto Paul Ramacher

Martin Otto Paul Ramacher is an early career scientist, working as junior group leader and postdoc in the chemistry transport modeling department of the environmental chemistry institute at the Helmholtz-
Zentrum hereon in Geesthacht, 

Martin’s research interests revolve around the leading topic of population exposure assessments to pollutants in multiple compartments - from local to global scales. By combining emission modeling, chemistry transport modeling and dynamic population exposure modeling for criteria pollutants in the atmosphere, he addresses real world problems and aims at supporting public health issues and policy development. Besides this main research interest, the topic of emerging persistent contaminants traveling through different compartments found its way into his research activities, stemming from his expertise in numerical modeling of pollutants.

These research interests and the aim to address real world problems with scientific research stem from his highly interdisciplinary education background. Martin received his Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg (HAW) in 2013. In 2016, he received his Master of Science in Sustainability Sciences from the Leuphana University (Lüneburg), which finally led him to a PhD from the department of Earth System Sciences at the University of Hamburg in 2021.

Further information on his work can be found here: