Steven Turnock

Steven Turnock currently works as a senior scientist studying air quality and climate interactions within the atmospheric composition and climate team, within the Met Office Hadley Centre based in the UK. Prior to completing his PhD at the University of Leeds in the field of aerosol and climate science and starting work at the Met Office he gained experience outside academic research private environmental consultancy. In his current role he uses Earth system models with detailed representations of chemistry and aerosol processed to improve the knowledge and understanding of the interaction of air pollutants and climate. In particular, he uses the output from model simulations to investigate how past and future changes in climate and anthropogenic emissions have changed short lived climate forcers such as aerosols and tropospheric ozone and their impact on surface air quality and climate. He is involved in the development and improvement of chemistry and aerosol processes representation within the UK’s Earth system model, UKESM, and also has previously developed a simple tropospheric ozone response model for use in rapid impact assessments of policy measures.