Tom Randa

Mr. Randa is a passionate young professional researcher with over three years of active research and practice in air pollution in cities, climate change and sustainable development in the Sub Saharan Africa. His professional scope entails research evidence generation, active stakeholder engagements to influence policy decisions and interventions design for sustainability. Passionate to transform Africa and the world through Professional research and practice excellence, Mr. Randa is keen to develop further his thought leadership skills around atmospheric science and its applications.

Mr. Randa currently works as a Research Fellow under the Climate-resilient Economies program at the African Centre for technology studies, where he designs and implement different air quality, energy and climate change projects. Notably, Mr. Randa has previously conducted studies around clean cooking and air pollution in Kenya through the Modern Energy Cooking services Program and the A system Approach to Air pollution in East Africa. Mr Randa is also the current technical Lead in a Political economy Analysis study for the Nairobi city air quality management for the Clean Air catalyst Program under the World Resource Institute Africa where he explores Air quality management, challenges and opportunities and thus needs and gaps for impactful strategic intervention design in the Energy, Waste management, Industries and Transport sectors in the city of Nairobi.

Randa is a member of the Africa Sustainability Hub and a founding secretariat member of the African Research and Impact Network. He has served as a steering Member for most of the climate and disaster risk management projects he has co-delivered as a research fellow and has been serving as a governance working group member for the Adaptation Research Alliance. He is also a current research working group member for the Clean Air Catalyst Program in Nairobi, where he helps shape strategic research elements of the program for impactful interventions design and implementation.

Randa has a strong theoretical and technical background in atmospheric science through his bachelors of science in Meteorology and Masters of Science in climate change from the University of Nairobi.  He has practical analytical research, and excellent leadership skills in the design, implementation, and accomplishment of various scientific research tasks. He has contributed to various peer-reviewed publications including working papers, journal articles, book chapters, and policy briefs. Mr. Randa has been further trained on spatial data analysis techniques, scientific modeling techniques, Research Methods, Data analysis techniques, scientific communication, and publications.