WMO/IGAC Impacts of Megacities on Air Pollution and Climate

Zhu, T., Melamed, M. L., Parrish, D., Gllardo Klenner, L., Lawrence, M., Konare, A. and Liousse, C. (Eds). (2012). WMO/IGAC Impacts of Megacities on Air Pollution and Climate. World Meteorological Organization, Geneva, Switzerland. ISBN: 978-0-9882867-0-2. p 299.

This impact assessment, a joint effort between the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and IGAC, details the unique challenges that urban areas pose to air quality and climate now and in the coming decades. Emphasis is on an assessment of the state of information regarding air pollution in megacities across five continents, including an integrated analysis for North America. An overview of current international collaborative research, key issues and a broad outlook are also discussed.