China Working Group

The sheer magnitude of China's landmass coupled with its growing and economically advancing population makes it critical to understand its role in air quality and climate on both regional and global scales. Chinese atmospheric chemists have been conducting frontier research for forty years in areas such as urban and regional air pollution and the climate effects and health impacts of air pollution. IGAC intends to more fully integrate Chinese research experience by establishing its first national working group in China. The goals of the IGAC China Working Group are to:

  • Encourage participation of Chinese atmospheric scientists to engage their leadership in international atmospheric chemistry research programs;
  • Strengthen ties with IGAC to facilitate the implementation of IGAC related research projects and tasks in China;
  • Provide advice or consultation on major research plans in atmospheric chemistry in China to promote funding support;
  • Promote academic exchange on atmospheric research in China and internationally, especially with IGBP China Working Groups; and
  • Provide a platform in China to facilitate the academic growth and development of young researchers in atmospheric chemistry.

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