Southern Hemisphere Working Group

This working group is brand new in 2018 and is being founded in order to:

  • Provide a forum for scientists to discuss particular challenges in understanding the Southern Hemisphere atmosphere &
  • To foster stronger collaborations between Southern Hemisphere research groups.

Current Activities:

  • Monthly video conferences
  • Working on a positioning paper reviewing science challenges in understanding the changing atmosphere of the Southern Hemisphere
  • Collating a bibliography of published papers on the Southern Hemisphere atmosphere (see

To join the emailing list, please send your contact details to Clare Murphy (Paton-Walsh)

Photos of Science in the Southern Hemisphere

SH Science


Past Events

IGAC2021 Atmospheric Chemistry From a Distance: Real Progress through Virtual Interaction

The Atmospheric Composition & Chemistry Observations and Modelling Conference & Cape Grim Annual Science Meeting 2018
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Aspendale, VIC, Australia
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