13th Quadrennial iGACGP Symposium / 13th IGAC Science ConferenceiCACGPIGACBrazil - Natal. 22-26 September 2014

Access to and Travel Information for the Conference Location

How to get from Natal Airport to your hotel

The International Airport of São Gonçalo do Amarante is a new airport complex at about 40 kilometers (24,7 miles) distance and located in the Northwest of the Center of Natal, in the municipality of São Gonçalo do Amarante.

The installations and passenger terminals are air conditioned. There are several services for tourists, including car rentals, travel agencies, ATMs, taxis and an office of the Tourism Board. The new terminal has the capacity of 6.2 million passengers and was opened on May 31, 2014. To access the up to date available flights to Natal, please use this link aeroporto.

Transport takes between 40 minutes do 1:30h, depending on traffic conditions. There are two good options to get from Natal Airport to your Hotel at the via Costeira or Ponta Negra in the south of Natal:
- Taxi (approximately R$120-140)
- Shuttle service (shared: around R$40-60 and private: around R$80-100).

There are two possibilities:
1. Taxis are parked right in front of the airport's exit doors (white color), You can't miss them. There are only licensed taxis at the airport, costs to South Natal is around R$120-140.
2. There is also a Taxi service agency called COOPCON within the airport. You will come by it before you reach the public area of the airport. There you can ask for a taxi and pay a fixed price between R$90-100 that is lower than the other taxis.

Shuttle transfer
The shuttle service works with prior reservation. We have negotiated fixed rates with a few companies. You need to contact them to arrange your reservation and payment (to confirm reservation).

Athenas Turismo
Rate: R$ 100,00 per person (shared transport, airport / hotel / airport)
Rate: R$ 170,00 per person (private transport, airport / hotel / airport)
contact email for reservation and payment: fatima@athenasturismo.com.br.

Luck Receptivo
Rate: R$120 per person (arrival and departure)
Contact email for reservation and payment: comercial-nat@luckreceptivo.com.br or: grupos-nat@luckreceptivo.com.br
There is a Luck reception desk at the arrival terminal of the airport.

Anauê Receptivo
Rates: R$145 per person (minimum 2 persons, arrival and departure)
            R$100 per person (3-5 persons, arrival and departure)
            R$90 per person (6-9 persons, arrival and departure)
Contact email for reservation and payment: operacao@anauereceptivo.com.br

Rate: R$95 shared transport, arrival and departure.
Contact email for reservation and payment: atendimento3@ecology.com.br

To Book your transfer, please, send us the following data:
-Flight Company.
-Flight Number.
-Arrival and departure time, and dates.
-Name of the Hotel you will be staying.

How to get from your hotel to the Natal Convention Center (NCC)

Organized shuttle buses:
We are organizing shuttle buses to take you from the conference hotels to the NCC. They will circulate three times a day, the exact schedules will be announced soon.
Since days in Natal and thus our conference starts early, be prepared for a transport at around 7 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. in the morning.

Some of the hotels (mainly Natal Mar and Ocean Palace) are located right in front of the NCC.
However, there is a road to cross (no traffic lights) and then a steep hill to climb, walking up the road to the NCC building entrance. While this may not be a problem for most in the morning (sunrise at 5:30 a.m., and already strong radiation at 7 a.m. though), during the day it may get a bit too hot for this experience.
Sunset is around 5:30 p.m. so be prepared that when you return it is most probably dark already.
To be safe, as in any South American city, prefer to walk in groups and do not expose valuable items such as mobile phone, notebook, ipod, jewelry, camera, etc.