13th Quadrennial iGACGP Symposium / 13th IGAC Science ConferenceiCACGPIGACBrazil - Natal. 22-26 September 2014

Keynote / Invited Talks


September 22 - Monday
8:00-8:30        Paulo Artaxo, University of São Paulo, Brazil
                       The close links between the biological functioning of Amazonia and atmospheric chemistry

September 23 - Tuesday                                                                                                                                 GAW
14:45-15:15    Global Atmospheric Watch - Celebrating 25 Years!
                       Gregory R. Carmichael

September 24 - Wednesday
8:00-8:30        Jos Lelieveld, Max Planck Inst. f. Chemistry, Germany
                       Strongly growing air pollution and related mortality, especially in Asia

September 26 - Friday
8:00-8:30        Akkihebbal Ramaiah Ravishankara, Colorado State University, USA
                       Why do we do the (atmospheric) science we do?

Invited Talks

September 22 - Monday
8:30-8:50        S1.1: Thomas Karl
                       Probing the atmospheric oxidation capacity based on airborned eddt covariance measurements of volatile organic compounds

10:20-10:40    S1.2: Lucy Carpenter
                       Progress in understanding the emissions, chemistry and impacts of reactive halogens

13:15-13:35    S6.1: Jason West
                       Connecting Climate Change, Air Pollution, and Human Health

September 23 - Tuesday
8:00-8:20        S6.2: Paul Young
                       Herding cats or herding sheep? A multi-model perspective on tropospheric ozone

10:20-10:40    S5.1: Carl Percival
                       The role of Criegee Intermediates in Tropospheric Chemistry

13:15-13:35    S5.2: Jason Douglas Surratt
                       Heterogeneous Chemistry of Isoprene-Derived Epoxides Leading to Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation

September 24 - Wednesday
8:30-8:50        S3.1: Ilan Koren
                       Process level analysis of invigoration in warm convective clouds

10:20-10:40    S3.2: Akua Asu-Awuka
                       The Chemical and Physical Evolution of Complex Cloud Condensation Nuclei

September 25 - Thursday
8:00-8:20        S4.1: Tong Zhu
                       Air pollution in China: Scientific and Public Policy Challenges

10:35-10:55    S4.2: Michael Gauss
                       Modelling different spatial scales

13:45-14:05    S4.3: Paulo Hilário Nascimento Saldiva
                       Combining greenhouse gases emission mitigation and health co-benefits due to reduction of local air pollutants: a global perspective

September 26 - Friday
8:30-8:50        S2.1: AnneMarie Carlton
                       Atmosphere-biosphere interactions during SOAS through multiphase chemistry

10:35-10:55    S2.2: Steven S. Brown
                       Nocturnal biogenic VOC oxidation in the residual layer: Night flights in the Southeast U.S. during SENEX 2013