13th Quadrennial iGACGP Symposium / 13th IGAC Science ConferenceiCACGPIGACBrazil - Natal. 22-26 September 2014

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Christopher James Wilson (University of Leeds); Martyn Chipperfield; Manuel Gloor; John B. Miller; Luciana V. Gatti; Luana Santamaria Basso; Robert Parker; In-situ and Satellite Observations in the Amazon Basin and Variational Inverse Modelling Indicate Increased Dry-Season Emissions of Methane
Hiroshi Tanimoto (National Institute of Environmental Studies); Yuko Omori; Toru Iwata; Sohiko Kameyama; Satoshi Inomata; In situ measurement of air-sea exchange of volatile organic compounds by PTR-MS coupled with gradient flux technique in the Pacific Ocean
Ian Edward Galbally (CSIRO); Wayne Vernon Kirstine; Erin Dunne; Sarah Lawson; Suzie Molloy; Observations of Atmospheric Acetonitrile in the Mid-Latitudes of the Southern Hemisphere and its Global Distribution Away from Biomass Burning Influences
Katerina Sindelarova (Laboratoire Atmosphères, Milieux, Observations Spatiales); Claire Granier; Trissevgeni Stavrakou; Jean-Francois Muller; Olaf Stein; Martin Schultz; Alex Guenther; Spatio-temporal variability of biogenic isoprene emissions and their impact on atmospheric chemical composition
Raluca Ciuraru (IRCELYON); François Bernard; Ludovic Fine; Christian George; Volatile organic compounds emission from light-induced reactions at the sea surface microlayer
Ruhi Humphries (University of Wollongong); Andrew Klekociuk; Robyn Schofield; Andrew Robinson; Neil Harris; Melita Keywood; Jason Ward; Ian Edward Galbally; Suzie Molloy; Paul Johnston; Alan Thomas; Stephen Wilson; A new source of Southern Ocean and Antarctic aerosol from tropospheric polar cell chemistry of sea ice emissions
Sellegri Karine (OPGC); Allison Schwier; Jorge Pey; Rose Clemence; Aurélie Même; Helen Langley DeWitt; Sébastien MAS; Bruno Charriere; Richard Sempéré; Nicolas Marchand; Barbara D Anna; Marine Primary and Secondary Aerosol emissions related to seawater biogeochemistry from a mesocosm study
Tania Mascarenhas Tavares (Universidade Federal da Bahia); Carolina Leonor Wilches Arciniegas; Sérgio Telles de Oliva; Rodolfo Rojas Guarín; Diego da Silva Vasconcellos; Camila Carvalho de Oliveira Santos; NITROUS OXIDE RELEASE FROM AGROPRODUCTION OF BIODIESEL CONFIRMS GLOBAL WARMING REDUCTION BY REPLACING FOSSIL FUELS IN NORTHEAST BRAZIL
Yinon Rudich (Department of Environmental Sciences and Energy Research,Weizmann Institute of Science); Amit Kumar Mishra; Yoav Lehahn; Ilan Koren; Fire and smoke in the Amazon Basin: a combined statistics

All Authors Paper Title
Akinori Ito (JAMSTEC); Organic nitrogen formation in the atmosphere and deposition to the ocean
Alfred Wiedensohler (Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research (TROPOS), Germany); Marcos Froilan Andrade Flores; Kay Weinhold; Fernando Velarde Apaza; Carina Isabel Moreno Rivadeneira; Fabricio Avila; Measurements of black carbon particle mass concentration and particle number size distribution on a large high altitude city over the Andean mountains and its possible transport to the lower free troposphere
Astrid Kiendler-Scharr (Forschungszentrum Juelich, IEK-8); Hendrik Elbern; Elmar Friese; Amewu A. Mensah; Rene Otjes; Patrick Schlag; Alex Vermeulen; Andreas Wahner; Night time formation of secondary organic aerosol: new evidence for a strong source from NO3 oxidation
Casper Labuschagne (South African Weather Service); Elizabeth Andrews; Johan Paul Beaukes; Pieter van zyl; John Ogren; Ernst-Günther Brunke; AEROSOL OPTICAL PROPERTIES AT CAPE POINT GAW STATION, SOUTH AFRICA: A CONFLUENCE OF MARINE AND CONTINENTAL ENVIRONMENTS
Edward Malina (University College London, Mullard Space Science Laboratory); Jan-Peter Muller; David Walton; Dale Potts; Mapping of biogenic and abiogenic methane from space using GOSAT and ACE
Hanwant B. Singh (NASA Ames Research Center); Wildfire emissions and their interaction with urban and rural pollution: data and simulations
Joel Ferreira Brito (University of Sao Paulo); Luciana Varanda Rizzo; Henrique de Melo Jorge Barbosa; Rodrigo Augusto Ferreira Souza; Scot T. Martin; Xuguang Chi; Christopher Pöhlker; Meinrat O. Andreae; Paulo Artaxo; Non-refractory submicron aerosol composition before and after Manaus as observed during GoAmazon2014/5
Joyce E. Penner (University of Michigan); Guangxing Lin; Mark G. Flanner; Formation of SOA using an explicit multi-phase scheme: Radiative forcing in the atmosphere and on snow
Lindsay Diana Yee (University of California, Berkeley); Gabriel Isaacman; Nathan M. Kreisberg; Yingjun Liu; Karena A. McKinney; Scot Martin; Lizabeth Alexander; Brett B. Palm; Weiwei Hu; Pedro C. Jost; Douglas A. Day; Jose L. Jimenez; Brett B. Palm; Florian Wurm; Joel Ferreira Brito; Paulo Artaxo; Karla Maria Longo; Rodrigo Augusto Ferreira Souza; JUAREZ VIÉGAS; Stephen R. Springston; Luiz A. T. Machado; Maria B. Oliveira; Susanne V. Hering; Allen Goldstein; Observational Constraints on Terpene Oxidation with and without Anthropogenic Influence in the Amazon using Speciated Measurements from SV-TAG
Maria Cristina Facchini (National Research Council (CNR)); Stefano Decesari; Sandro Fuzzi; Thomas F. Mentel; Vanes Poluzzi; Spyros N. Pandis; Laurens Ganzeveld; Impact of emissions and climate stressors on the atmospheric aerosol composition during the 2012 PEGASOS field campaign
Steven S. Brown (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration); Nocturnal biogenic VOC oxidation in the residual layer: Night flights in the Southeast U.S. during SENEX 2013
Tibisay Pérez (Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas); Rafael José Rasse Boada; Adriana Giuliante; The relative importance of water soluble organic nitrogen in tropical atmospheric deposition. Possible mechanisms and implications to regional tropical ecosystems atmospheric nitrogen sources.

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Benjamin N. Murphy (Stockholm University); Ilona Riipinen; Annica M. L. Ekman; New particle formation in pristine Amazonian deep convective clouds
Carlos J. Valle Díaz (University of Puerto Rico); Elvis Torres Delgado; Taehyoung Lee; Jeffrey L. Collett, Jr.; William H. McDowell; Luis A. Cuadra Rodriguez; Kimberly A. Prather; Olga L. Mayol Bracero; Impact of Long-Range Transported African Dust Events on Cloud Chemistry at a Caribbean Tropical Montane Cloud Forest
Frida Bender (Stockholm University); Anders Engström; Johannes Karlsson; Aerosol effects on subtropical marine stratocumulus cloud albedo in climate models and satellite observations
Kerri Pratt (University of Michigan); Eric Boone; Alexander Laskin; Julia Laskin; Christopher Wirth; Paul Shepson; Brian Stirm; Molecular Composition of Organic Compounds in Atmospheric Particles and Cloud Water during SOAS: Insights into Aqueous Processing
Kristina Pistone (Universidad de Chile); Eric M. Wilcox; P.S. Praveen; Richard M. Thomas; Frida Bender; Yan Feng; Veerabhadran Ramanathan; The effect of atmospheric properties and processes on aerosol indirect effects in a trade cumulus regime
Madeleine Sánchez Gácita (Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais - INPE); Scot T. Martin; Karla Maria Longo; Saulo Ribeiro de Freitas; Hygroscopic behavior and CCN activity of biomass burning aerosols in Brazil: preliminary results
Pablo Saide (The University of Iowa); Scott Spak; R. Bradley Pierce; Jason A. Otkin; Todd K. Schaack; Andrew K. Heidinger; Arlindo M. da Silva; Meloë Kacenelenbogen; Jens Redemann; Gregory R. Carmichael; Central American biomass burning smoke can increase tornado severity in the US

All Authors Paper Title
Aishwarya Raman (University of Arizona); Avelino F.Arellano; Rajesh Kumar; Using chemical ratios to disentangle sources of particulate matter pollution: Implications for population exposure and human mortality
Dara Salcedo (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México); Estefany Gonzalez-Castillo; Telma Castro; Juan Pablo Bernal; Oscar Peralta; Ofelia Perez-Arvizu; Luisa Molina; PM chemical characterization in Tijuana (México) during the Cal-Mex Campaign
Jiang Zhu (); Xiao Tang; Z.F. Wang; Assimilation of surface PM2.5 observations from more than 300 stations into an air quality model over China
John P. Burrows (University of Bremen); Observing the Anthropocene from Space
Luisa Molina (Molina Center for Energy and the Environment); Laura Gallardo; Marcelo Mena; The PISAC Initiative: Pollution and its Impact on the South American Cryosphere
Márcia Akemi Yamasoe (University of São Paulo/USP); Nilton Manueal Evora do Rosario; Fabio J. S. Lopes; Aerosol particles optical depth retrievals at Sao Paulo city and effect on downward solar irradiance at the surface
Marcos Froilan Andrade Flores (Laboratory for Atmospheric Physics); Francesco Zaratti Sacchetti; Ricardo Nelo Forno; Carina Isabel Moreno Rivadeneira; Fernando Velarde Apaza; Paolo Laj; Alfred Wiedensohler; Jaffrezo Jean-Luc; Radovan Krejci; David Whiteman; Michel Ramonet; Paolo Bonasoni; Francescopiero Calzolari; Paolo Cristofanelli; Results from the first two years of aerosol and gas observations at the world"s highest GAW station: Chacaltaya, Bolivia
Melita Keywood (Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research, CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research); Investigations of the formation and growth of ultrafine particles in a coastal urban environment
Roelof Petrus Burger (North-West University, South Africa); Stuart John Piketh; In-situ characterization of air quality over South Africa
Sachiko Hayashida (Nara Womens University); Akiko Ono; Xiong Liu; Kelly Chance; Tropospheric ozone climatology since 1995 over East Asia
Dario Gomez; Victoria Pereryra; Patricia Smichowski; Laura Dawidowski Levels and composition of PM2.5 in the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires: local and regional contributions in inland versus coastal sites
Spyros Pandis (University of Patras, Greece); Organic aerosol concentration and composition over Europe: Insights from chemical transport modeling and factor analysis data
Tami Bond (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); Ekbordin Winijkul; Liang Liu; Taesung Hwang; Yanfeng Ouyang; Sungwon Lee; Bumsoo Lee; Steven J. Smith; Fang Yan; Energy-related emission projections: the nexus of economy, infrastructure, and technology
Lousse C et al (University Paul Sabatier) African anthropogenic combusion emissions: impact on atmotspheric compoistion and health in 2005 and 2030

All Authors Paper Title
Dwayne Heard (University of Leeds); Pascale Matthews; Maite Baeza-Romero; Lisa Whalley; Ingrid George; Barbara Brooks; Markus Ammann; Josef Dommen; Manuel Krapf; Daniel Moon; Thomas Berkemeier; Manabu Shiraiwa; Heterogeneous uptake of HO2 radicals to aerosols. Mechanistic insights from laboratory measurements and kinetic modelling.
Eleanor Browne (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); Xialou Zhang; Kelsey Boulanger; Jonathan P. Franklin; Thomas W. Kirchstetter; Kevin R. Wilson; Christopher D. Cappa; Jesse H. Kroll; Impact of oxidative aging on the chemical composition and optical properties of brown carbon aerosols
Haofei Zhang (University of California - Berkeley); David R. Worton; Steve Shen; Kevin R. Wilson; Allen Goldstein; Comprehensive Speciation of Organic Aerosols Reveals Evaporation and Oxidation Kinetics of Long-Chain Normal Alkanes
Hartmut Herrmann (Leibniz-Institute for Tropospheric Research); Anke Mutzel; Laurent Poulain; Yoshiteru Iinuma; Olaf Boege; Thorsten Berndt; A combined ELVOC study at the Leipzig aerosol chamber (LEAK) and at the TROPOS research station Melpitz
J. Michel Flores (Weizmann Institute of Science); Rebecca A. Washenfelder; Gabriela Adler; Hyun Ji (Julie) Lee; Lior Segev; Julia Laskin; Alexander Laskin; Sergey A. Nizkorodov; Steven S. Brown; Yinon Rudich; Complex refractive indices in the near-ultraviolet spectral region for biogenic secondary organic aerosol aged with ammonia
Liselotte Tinel (CNRS-IRCELYON); Stéphane Dumas; Christian George; Imidazole-2-carboxaldehyde, a new efficient photosensitizer: fundamental kinetics and proposed mechanism for the formation of halide radicals.
Thomas F. Mentel (Institute of Energy and Climate Research, IEK-8: Troposphere, Forschungszentrum Juelich); Mikael Ehn; Joel A. Thornton; Felipe Lopez-Hilfiker; Einhard Kleist; Monika Springer; Iida Pullinen; Juergen Wildt; Andreas Wahner; A new class of low-volatility organic compounds in new particle formation.
Thorsten Hoffmann (Johannes Gutenberg-University); Alexander Vogel; Maria Cristina Solci; High molecular weight / low volatile organics in SOA: Homogeneous vs. heterogeneous formation

All Authors Paper Title
Anke Roiger (Institute of Atmospheric Physics); POLARCAT Team; Hans Schlager; Katharine Law; Jin Kim; Anja Reiter; Jean-Christophe Raut; Louis Marelle; Bernadett Weinzierl; Maximilian Rose; Quantifying emerging local anthropogenic emissions in the Arctic region: the ACCESS aircraft campaign experiment
Laura Baker (University of Reading); William Collins; Dirk Jan Leo Olivié; Ribu Cherian; Johannes Quaas; Climate responses to perturbations of short-lived climate forcers
Laura Gallardo (Universidad de Chile); Marcelo Mena; Connecting air qualilty and climate over and downwind Santiago de Chile
Ricardo Henrique Moreton Godoi (Federal University of Parana); Ana Flavia Locateli Godoi; Sérgio José Gonçalves Junior; Heitor
Evangelista da Silva
Integrated analysis of air pollution at Antarctic: an overview of the Brazilian Antarctic Monitoring and the Brazilian standalone module - Criosfera 1
Russell Dickerson (University of Maryland College Park); John P. Burrows; Timothy Canty; Hao He; Linda Hembeck; Xin-Zhong Liang; Ross Salawitch; The impact of climate on air quality - Studies from the eastern US
Susanne Bauer (Columbia University); Impact of agricultural emissions on future climates
William C. Porter (MIT); Brook T. Russell; Daniel S. Cooley; Colette L. Heald; Examining the observed and modeled sensitivities of air-quality extremes to meteorological drivers using advanced statistical techniques
William Morgan (University of Manchester); James Allan; Michael Flynn; Eoghan Darbyshire; Dantong Liu; Kate Szpek; Justin Langridge; Ben Johnson; James Haywood; Karla Maria Longo; Paulo Artaxo; Hugh Coe; Transformation of aerosol chemical composition and resultant impact on climate during the South American Biomass Burning Analysis (SAMBBA)
Yuhang Wang (Georgia Institute of Technology); Yi Deng; Hanqin Tian; Xiaohong Liu; Yongqiang Liu; Yun Qian; Wildfire and regional climate variability: A global perspective
Yukio FUKUYAMA (Japan Meteorological Agency); Masamichi NAKAMURA; Masaomi TAKAHASHI; Shinya TAKATSUJI; Hiroaki FUJIWARA; Hidehiro NISHI; Koshiro DEHARA; Yusuke BABA; Hidekazu MATSUEDA; Yousuke SAWA; Kazuhiro TSUBOI; Yosuke NIWA; Operational aircraft observation of atmospheric CO2, CH4, CO and N2O in the mid-troposphere over the western North Pacific