Ozone Deposition Focus Working Group


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     Working Group lead:   Leiming Zhang, Environment and Climate Change Canada (leiming.zhang @ ec.gc.ca)

    TOAR-II Steering Committee liaison:  Lisa Emberson, University of York, UK (l.emberson @ york.ac.uk)  

     Established:  May 18, 2022



The Ozone Deposition Focus Working Group (ODFWG) has the following objectives:

ODFWG will coordinate TOAR-related studies of ozone deposition and its impact on vegetation. Its primary goals include assessing and improving existing ozone stomatal deposition schemes through model intercomparison and model evaluation using flux data, identifying sensitive model input parameters causing the large uncertainties in stomatal flux estimation, estimating stomatal flux as a fraction of total deposition, producing stomatal flux maps by landcover type and geographical region, assessing long-term trends of ozone stomatal deposition and connections with climate change and extreme air pollution conditions, and addressing the impact of ozone stomatal deposition on various vegetation types and ecosystem health. The initial aim of the ODFWG is to focus on stomatal uptake and related impacts on vegetation, however the full scope of the working group will not be limited to these activities, and other studies on ozone dry deposition and its impact on vegetation are welcome under the umbrella of the ODFWG.

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