TOAR-Vegetation Coordination Team


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    Team leads:  Lisa Emberson, University of York, UK (l.emberson @

                           Bärbel Sinha, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Mohali, India (bsinha @


    Established:  January 13, 2021


The TOAR-Vegetation Coordination Team (CT) will develop a team of scientists interested in the creation of the TOAR-Vegetation Assessment Working Group in 2022. The main goal of this Assessment Working Group will be to produce an update to TOAR-Vegetation [Mills et al., 2018] based on the peer reviewed literature (especially results from the TOAR-II Community Special Issue) and new analyses. The CT will also lay the groundwork for assessing the impacts of ozone on vegetation.


Mills G, Pleijel H, Malley CS, Sinha B, Cooper OR, Schultz MG, Neufeld HS, Simpson D, Sharps K, Feng Z, Gerosa G, Harmens H, Kobayashi K, Saxena P, Paoletti E, Sinha V, Xu X (2018), Tropospheric Ozone Assessment Report: Present-day tropospheric ozone distribution and trends relevant to vegetation, Elem Sci Anth. 2018;6(1):47. DOI:

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