IGAC 2021 Virtual Conference



IGAC2021 Virtual Conference

For the 2021 virtual conference, IGAC's scientific program will center its scientific program around its current working groups and activities.  This will highlight the exciting work being done as part of IGAC, grow the networks of these working groups and activities, and expose new scientists to the year-round work IGAC does. IGAC will also have an open science session for atmospheric chemistry research that does not fit into any current working groups or activities. We hope this will expose any gaps in IGAC's current activities and serve as a poll for the atmospheric community on the next big questions in atmospheric chemistry. 

Abstract submissions are closed, but registration for participation is open until September 1st! To register, click here. 

A note about our virtual conference:

IGAC prides itself on building community and fostering international collaboration in atmospheric chemistry. The IGAC Conference has historically been a welcoming space for scientists to create international networks. While conference networking looks a bit different in the virtual world, we are working to make the IGAC2021 conference as close to a regular IGAC conference as possible. None of our main sessions will overlap, which will allow everyone to participate in multiple sessions. We encourage you to select as many categories as you like when submitting your abstract. We are investigating ways to make the conference accessible across international time zones.  Side meetings and breakout sessions will still take place.

 If you’ve missed small-group coffee break chats and unplanned encounters in poster sessions, we want to facilitate these interactions. In addition to webinar software, we plan to use an online platform, gather.town, that allows chance conversations and informal meetings to occur throughout the conference timeline, in poster sessions and casually in the conference space between sessions.

We look forward to receiving your abstracts and interacting with you all virtually in September! For any concerns, please reach out to info@igacproject.org

Past Announcements

*See announcement from 8/11/2021 on poster upload instructions here!*******


*****Announcement August 2, 2021****
The IGAC 2021 Virtual Conference schedule is here! Remember, everyone who submitted an abstract will have a poster, hosted in gather.town. Oral presentation invitations will be going out this week.

This schedule will be updated with side meeting times after August 15th. **(If you are interested in applying to host a side meeting, see announcement here).**

Schedule (all times in UTC)
Sunday, September 12
14-16: Social time and interactive scavenger hunt; introduction to gather.town
Monday, September 13
10-12: Japan National Committee Session
12-13: Welcome to IGAC2021 and Q&A (also available by recorded video and documentation)
13-14: Papers that Shaped Tropospheric Chemistry (invited plenary by Paul Monks)
14-17: Poster Break and Networking in gather.town
Tuesday, September 14
4-6:     MANGO Session
10-12: ACAM Session
12-14: GEIA Session
14-15: Poster Break and Networking in gather.town
15-17: COVID-19 and Air Quality Special Session
19-21: Americas Working Group Session
Wednesday, September 15
10-12: ANGA Working Group Session
12-14: MAP-AQ Session
14-15: Poster Break and Networking in gather.town
15-17: AMIGO Session
20-21: Southern Hemispheres Working Group Session A 
Thursday, September 16
6-7:    Southern Hemispheres Working Group Session B
10-12 China Working Group Session
12-14: TOAR-II Session
14-16: CCMI Session
16-17: Poster Break and Networking in gather.town
Friday, September 17
9-12:  Poster Break and Networking in gather.town
12-14: CATCH Session
14-16: PACES Session

It is getting closer to the IGAC 2021 Virtual Conference! We hope that you are excited to share your atmospheric chemistry with an international audience of peers and interact with colleagues and collaborators (current and future) from around the world.

You can still register to attend  here, up until September 1st, 2021. 
Please see below for volunteer opportunities for senior scientists to network with early career researchers and for poster upload instructions.  
As a reminder, the conference schedule is posted here. All times in UTC (for conversion to your local time, see the IGAC event calendar here), side meeting schedule to come (side Meeting applications DUE AUGUST 15). 
Lunch with a senior scientist
If you are a senior scientist willing to have a virtual small-group chat with early career researchers a week before the conference, please fill in this volunteer form!
Poster Upload Instructions
As our earlier email stated, everyone who submitted an abstract will have a poster presentation. Posters must be uploaded at https://igacproject.org/form/igac2021virtualconferenceposteru at least 24 hours before the start of the conference (September 12, 2021).
Please name your poster SubmissionNumber_LastNameIf you cannot remember your submission number, please see here!
Posters can be uploaded in .png, .jpg, or pdf form.
For .png and .jpg formatted posters, posters must be at least 1000px for the width, 600px for the height, and a maximum of 3MB in size.  At least 72 DPI is recommended, although this is not mandatory. All images will be enlarged to fill inside of the iframe, so exact dimensions and proportions are not required.  Transparent backgrounds will be filled with a black background.

For .pdf files, the maximum file size is 25MB. 

Once uploaded via the webform above, IGAC will place your poster in the appropriate grouping and notify you of where and when your poster will be.

Posters will be hosted on gather.town. The Gather.town space will be open the first week of September, and all conference registrants will receive a one-month subscription to the event space. Earlier poster uploading will give more exposure to your poster! An interactive message board will be located next to each poster so presenters can indicate times when they will be at their poster, and off-line messages and questions may be left for each presenter.
Looking forward to receiving your posters and seeing you soon! Apologies if you receive this email twice, we want to make sure the IGAC2021 Conference updates are communicated to all participants.